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Creating Exhibits

What is an exhibit?

An exhibit is a collection of items from EMO organized and supplemented by student material. Exhibits may be multiple pages long and utilize multiple items. Students may annotate items and add text to describe the items they have selected.

Follow these steps to create an Exhibit

  1. On the Omeka admin page, select "Exhibits" from the left side bar.
  2. Select "Add Exhibit”
  3. Fill out the required information. This will serve as your exhibits title page.
    1. Title: The title of your exhibit.
    2. Slug: Url that will be used.
    3. Credits: Anyone who worked on the exhibit.
    4. Description: The description of the entire exhibit.
    5. Tags: Any relevant terms.
    6. Image: A title image.
  4. Select “Add a Page” to add your first page.
  5. Input a title for your page. Next, select a block layout of either an image with text, multiple images, text alone, or a file.
  6. Caption any files you select and add text.
  7. From here you can continue adding as many blocks as you like and customize the page as you would like.
  8. You can continue to add multiple pages. When you are finished, select the "public" box on the right side bar, and click "save changes."
Click here for more information about exhibits.