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The War of the Two Kings (1688 - 1691)

This exhibit is a focused exploration of two mediations from the time of The War of the Two Kings (1688 - 1691) in Ireland. The two featured mediations are “King William III (1650–1702) at the Battle of the Boyne” by Jan Wyck, and an anonymous ballad entitled “The Female Duel (or, The Victorious Williamite Lady, Who was challeng'd to Fight a Duel by a Jacobite Lady)" (1692), the recording of which can be found on EBBA (ID: 22393).

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The Darien Venture by the Company of Scotland (1698-1700)

This exhibit looks at two instances of print culture related to the Company of Scotland's Darien venture during 1698-1700. The first is a ballad that celebrates the arrival of the Company at Darien in Panama, praying for a successful venture that would bring Scotland financial relief (1699). The second is a petition made by the Council-General of the Company of Scotland to King William, requesting his protection and official endorsement, accompanied by William's response to the petition (1700). 

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The Jacobite Rebellion (April 16, 1746)

This exhibit explores the relationship between two mediations of the Jacobite Rebellion (April 16, 1746), through the form of a painting and a ballad.

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Whose Cultural Memory? The Aftermath of the '45

This exhibit focuses on the aftermath of the Jacobite rising of 1745. THe mediations selected are a salt print of the Scott Monument from 1844 and the depiction of the Battle of Culloden in Outlander (2014-present). Furthermore, this exhibition compares the depiction of the Battle of Culloden in Outlander with Scott Walter's Waverley (1814).

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Manufacturing Monarchy: The Participatory Propaganda Campaign to Support King William III’s Glorious Revolution


This exhibit focuses on King William III's propaganda campaign during and after the Glorious Revolution. It analyzes two primary source, a newsletter written by Sir Joseph Williamson on 20 November 1688 while the revolution was ongoing, and "Englands Extasie," a broadside ballad celebrating the coronation of King William III and Queen Mary. 

Remembering Highland Culture After the 1745 Jacobite Rebellion

This exhibit explores two mediations: a letter between Walter Scott and 18th century poet Anna Seward, and a BBC Radio 4 adaptation of Scott's historical fiction novel, Waverley. While Scott writes to Seward in September 1806, and the BBC broadcast is from April 2014, both mediations convey contrasting memories of Highland culture from before and after the 1745 Jacobite Rebellion. 

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