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Uploading an Item

Follow these steps to add an item to EMO.

  1. Save the file(s) you wish to upload to your desktop.

  2. On the admin site, select "Items" from the left side bar.

  3. Select "add a new item."

  4. Fill out the required Dublin Core entries. See following page for the Dublin Core schema. Do not leave any fields blank; if there is no relevant information to enter, put "None."

  5. Select the "Files" tab, then click "choose file."

  6. Select the saved file from your desktop that you wish to add.

  7. If you want to add multiple files (even of different mediums) just click “add another file” and repeat. Note that most file types work, but if working with multiple pages, PDF often looks the best.

  8. Select the "Tags" tab. Enter any relevant terms that you feel should be attached to the item. These terms are used to make the item more easily discovered in a text search. Think of them as #hashtags. No capitals, separate each tag with a comma.

  9. Add the item to one of EMO's three collections using the right side bar (manuscript culture, print culture, oral culture).

  10. Make the item “Public” by clicking the box on the right side bar.

  11. Double check the item and all the entries were added correctly by clicking “View Public Page”